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Over the past 20 years, OtherWise has given a stage to grassroot organisations, movements and other changemakers to re-imagine dominant ways of thinking, doing and being in this world. In the week of the 18th till the 25th of April we celebrated OtherWise’s Lustrum with a year of delay due to the pandemic. Alongside celebrating 20 years of critical thinking and engagement we used this opportunity to shine some light in this uncreative and unmotivating time. Together with the ecovillage Ppauw and you we built a space where we can re-imagine a better and brighter future. By re-using old existing materials, we co-created a social space that can be enjoyed by the inhabitants of Ppauw and the community of Wageningen. During this week we invited you to be creative, to build and craft, to dream and to re-imagine. Together we created a new focal point at Ppauw where we can connect, empower each other and re-imagine the existing.


We started the Lustrum week with a reunion, where recent and previous OtherWisers met online. During the week, we took time to re-imagine our relationship with other beings of the earth. There was Deep Time Walk on Earth Day, a conference about Rights of Nature and a workshop about sound. The week was closed off with a perfomance in the newly built ampfitheatre!

You can find more information about Ppauw here ⬇️

the amphitheater through the eyes of 

Astrid Mulder

Rebeca Arredondo

Laura Violeta Jeldres

Deep Time Walk

Travel through Earth's history and learn where we humans are rooted inside it. We encourage you to go on a walk with someone else and listen to this together, but you can also sit down and/or go by yourself. Safe travels!

When you are done with this guide, feel free to comment: If you could now speak for the earth, what would you say?

By Evelien Konings

the creating process

live stream

Some of our events where live streamed and can be found down below or on our YouTube channel 


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people involved

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