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'Navigating hope and despair in times of climate urgency' 

May 20, 2022 / 12.30 - 13.30 / Amphitheatre next to Impulse

During this lunch lecture, Lian Kasper, experienced facilitator in the Work that Reconnects by Joanna Macy, invites you to sit still with your pain for the world. By making space to truly feel how the climate crisis touches you, you will appreciate how your pain comes from a deep place of care and love for this world. From this place of deep compassion you can find the ongoing drive and energy to act for what is good, true and beautiful no matter how the world situation evolves. Register here or via the QR code. 

Fairytales of (De)growth & Justice

May 23, 2022 / 19.00 - 21.00 / Forum B0218

A film and discussion on Climate Change, Degrowth, Social Injustices, and System Change.
Economic growth is still seen as a solution for climate change and social injustices, and it underlies many of the Sustainable Development Goals. However, critical discourses increasingly oppose the premises of economic growth. This interactive evening will begin with a screening of 'Fairytales of Growth'. Followed by a short presentation on critical Degrowth and Environmental Justice discourses. Then you will have the chance to discuss your assumptions on the Fairytales of (De)growth & Justice! Sign up  here .

Menstrual Health Day

May 25, 2022 

Join us for a day full of activities to share experiences surrounding periods and normalize the fact that approximately half of the human population menstruates! Every year, organizations around the world come together to fight the taboo on periods and raise awareness about the challenges regarding access to menstrual products, education about menstruation and period-friendly sanitation facilities. For the first time, OtherWise is partaking in this annual celebration through the following activities:

Period Trivia and Zine-Making / 12.00 - 14.00 / Forum B0313

Screening of "Moon Inside You" and Sharing Circle  / 20.00 - 22.00 / Forum B0106

We hope to see you there! 

Register: iWEEK Summer Course- Exploring Regenerative Cultures for Sustainability

3 ECTS Capital Selecta ELS / July 3 - 9, 2022


Do you care about the world and worry where it is going…? Do you want to reconnect to yourself, others and the living world around you and explore together how to find inspiration in these confusing times? And enjoy a full week in the forest, exploring nature, sharing food and stories around the fire?


OtherWise is now organizing this summer training as a capita selecta course together with the ELS chairgroup. The iWEEK provides a space to explore perspectives and practices for regenerative cultures in the context of major societal and environmental challenges of our time. Central is the exploration of connectedness with nature, the world, self and others as part of a cultural consciousness for sustainability. It is widely recognized that motivation to care and act for sustainability co-arises with a sense of connectedness and belonging to the (natural) world, being a part of it instead of apart from it. But as students we are continuously drawn into long hours behind the computer and frightening information about the state of our world. How can we build inspiration in these confusing times to move beyond a crisis mentality toward an inspired commitment to sustainability? How to (re)connect with a sense of belonging to the world? How can this help you on your way to participate in sustainability in a way that is nourishing and meaningful for you?


The course starts with just multiple introductory meetings with the participants (dates to be announced). During a full week outdoor summer camp from July 3-9 we will explore these questions together through a diversity of nature and community based practices. These include practices of Deep Ecology and The Work that Reconnects from eco-philosopher Joanna Macy. We camp at ecovillage Ppauw from where we can explore the surrounding nature and find a home to live as a temporary community. We explore, we play, we share experiences, our worries, we open our senses, discover different ways of seeing the world around us and try to find a way to set forth in this crazy world.


Registration for this course is now OPEN. It will start in June with a series of introductory sessions. You can register here .


This course is supported by OtherWise foundation, the Education and Learning Sciences group and Nature College Education. Lian Kasper and Louise van der Stok are facilitating the summer training. For questions please contact otherwise@wur.nl

Assumptions: A short video about being an ally

* This video is an assignment for the course Resistance, Power, and Movements co-created by OtherWise and Sociology of Development and Change chairgroup of the WUR*

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOzcdoHDM6w 

What kinds of assumptions do you make? How can we make our study environment more inclusive? Chess and a comic story show that we make assumptions regularly. How do we make better assumptions? The first step is to recognize our biases and prejudices.

#BeAnAlly DARE needs your help to push forward the movement to an inclusive and safe working environment and tackle discrimination in a broader sense to ensure that anti-racism and anti-discrimination are structurally embedded at Wageningen University & Research.

More about DARE: https://www.wur.nl/en/About-WUR/Integ... .

This video is an assignment for the course Resistance, Power, and Movements (SDC-50904) Course information: https: //www.wur.nl/en/Research-Result...

Music: Remember - ibi