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Check out our Courses in periods 3&4! (Registrations closed for Queer Ecologies, and Degrowth Imperative)

Post-Growth Serious Game

Want to play a serious game? At the intersection of science and speculative fiction, Post Growth Toolkit (The Game) is an invitation to reprogram ourselves out of the economic growth orthodoxy. It proposes to literally reshuffle our worldviews through a compilation of stories, concepts, and tactics in order to stimulate new modes of understanding in the context of current environmental crises.


When: 06 March, 5 - 7 PM,

Where: Impulse Innovation room (turn right after the entrance to the canteen, go straight ahead to the stairs up)


Sign up here.

Limited spots available.

Crip Camp: Film Screening & Discussion

When: March 7th @ 8pm

Where: Old Library (Generaal Foulkesweg 37) 


" In the early 1970s, teenagers with disabilities faced a future shaped by isolation, discrimination and institutionalization. Camp Jened, a ramshackle camp “for the handicapped” (a term no longer used) in the Catskills, exploded those confines. Jened was their freewheeling Utopia, a place with summertime sports, smoking and make-out sessions awaiting everyone, and campers experienced liberation and full inclusion as human beings. Their bonds endured as many migrated West to Berkeley, California — a hotbed of activism where friends from Camp Jened realized that disruption, civil disobedience, and political participation could change the future for millions." More info on the film here


Join us for a screening of "Crip Camp" followed by a discussion on the potential of civil disobedience and intersectional coalition building toward justice.

Book Launch and Discussion with Xander Dunlap

When: February 21st @ 7PM

Where: De Superette (Churchillweg 37)


Join us in De Superette for a discussion on anarchism, degrowth, and green extractivism with Xander Dunlap, author of This System is Killing Us .


This System is Killing Us is an insider look at the catastrophic effects that energy infrastructure and mining are having on communities, their land and our planet. Xander Dunlap spent a decade living and working with Indigenous activists and land defenders across the world to uncover evidence of the repression people have faced in the wake of untamed capitalist growth. 


From Zapotec and Ikoot people struggling against wind energy projects in Oaxaca, Mexico to the violence of the Hambach mine in the German Rhineland, Dunlap presents the truth that lies behind the green re-branding of capitalism that social movements in the Global North have been slow to challenge.


By centering the struggles of people whose lives are being systematically destroyed, Dunlap reveals blind spots within the current official debates around climate change. The book also speaks to the feuds between socialist modernism and degrowth. While changing public policy could play a constructive role in remediating climate catastrophe, by understanding the successes and failures of those 'on the front lines', it becomes clear that decentralized—and ideally viral—self-organization could be the only way out of this socioecological nightmare.


*All royalties from the book are being donated to the Stop Cop City Movement and Atlanta Solidarity Fund*

Activist Academy

Dear students, colleagues and other friends of the Activist Academy,
We are happy to invite you for the second workshop of the Activist Academy: Experiences of pro-Palestine activism @WUR on February 22, 16.00-18.00 at the Clockhouse, Generaal Foulkesweg 37, Wageningen.
If you are interested, please fill out the form to sign up for this Activist Academy session.
During this workshop, we will explore together what it means to be involved in pro-Palestine activism at WUR. How did the WUR impede or facilitate pro-Palestine activism? How did colleagues and students react to these actions? What does it mean when you find out that your activism is seen as unacceptable or controversial by peers, family, friends, or colleagues? How does that make you feel and how do you deal with that? What can we learn from these experiences?
First, we will invite the group to share their personal experiences regarding the topic and the dilemma’s they have faced recently at the university, at home and in their social environment. From these first explorations, we will harvest discussion points to explore further in small groups, trying to work towards strategies for dealing with negative reactions and critical feedback that we might face because of being involved in (pro-Palestinan) activism and that might lead to conflicts in one’s own social, familial, and institutional environment.
The workshop will be facilitated by Philippine Hoegen, a Brussels based artist and facilitator.
We hope to provide an interactive and safe space for sharing stories of engaging in pro-Palestinian activism. It is not a discussion on the Israel-Palestine conflict; we do expect participants to respect pro-Palestinian expressions.
Best, Michiel and Elisabet (SDC)

Lunch Lecture: Life in the Land of the Checkpoints

When: March 14th @ 12:00

Where: Forum (Room B0759)


Join us for a lunch lecture and Q&A with Dr. Alexandra Rijke from the Cultural Geography group at WUR. She will provide an analysis of the daily experiences of Palestinians on the move in the occupied Palestinian territories. 


Everyone is welcome and discriminatory language will not be tolerated. 


Please send any inquiries to otherwise@wur.nl



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