Imagine other lives and ways of being

OtherWise questions whether the current dominant modern ideologies such as reductionism, capitalism, or modernisation are helping to create a socially and environmentally just world, but also explores and questions alternatives to the status quo. In response to the social and environmental degradation that has come along with modern developments, different groups in society call for other ways of thinking and doing. In the context of this quest, OtherWise aims to question which ways of sensing, relating and imagining enable injustice to persist, and what other ways of sensing, relating and imagining create the circumstances for justice to flourish. Hereby we explore more inclusive and holistic approaches through our activities.

We at Otherwise believe in other directions and the overcoming of a single realism; instead fostering an openness to different ways of living and experiencing. We organize events small and big with the aim of creating a space where we can imagine other lives and ways of being.

Themes for 2023/2024

Year Report 2022/2023