Hey hey, I’m Luuk, one of the two splendid coordinators at Otherwise. I have previously done an internship at Otherwise, in the depths of the corona-winter, and had a blast, setting up my pet-project of the Capitalist Realism capita selecta. My passions are plenty, but revolve around the (forceful?) demise of a capitalist economic, political and cultural system. Given that this endeavour is ambitious to say the least I dedicate lots of my energy on the fostering of a lively revolutionary spirit through music, love, food, spirituality, dark humour, and whatnot.

I am a philosopher and anthropologist by trade, which is to say that I have no trade and am condemned to a pseudo-voluntary kind of poverty. Anyway, now I’m at Otherwise, the perfect place for me to help radicalize the youth, I’m looking forward to meeting whomever will gravitate to our events; to be kindled and rekindled.

Hi, Tina here! As the 2022/23 academic year rolls in I have the privilege of beginning my second year as coordinator at OtherWise. Recently, my brain, heart, and other composite organs are drawn to the creation of an 'otherhood' in which we can learn to make kin beyond the human. As a recent graduate of the MSc program in Organic Agriculture, I am disproportionately enthusiastic about worms, microbes, and other beings slithering about in the dirt. With the help of Luuk, I would like to gently explode the bounds of our imagination and dare to dream and think tentacularly. 

On the premise of liberation, imagination, and care, we slowly tread into murky waters together with the critical minds at Wageningen University. If you yearn to share and discuss radically, to literally chew on the root of realities, then jump right in. 


The Board

Hi, I’m Teun, one of the new board-members. This summer, I finished my masters in Urban History, during which I specialized in the cultural and political history of the senses, energy and technology. A big help were the theorists of the (new) material turn and their perspective on technology and matter as political actors. I’m interested in how nothing is neutral or self-evident and discovering the ways in which technology, among other things, shapes the material and non-material world – and our lives in it. As the philosopher Marshal MacLuhan apparently didn’t say: ‘We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.’ Credits to whoever said it first. Recently I’ve taken a material turn myself by starting an study on restoration carpentry, because just thinking and talking about how in the end everything comes down to Quality (credits to Robert M. Pirsig) will never get me beyond the point of abstraction. Music and literature are helpful along the way.


Hi! My name is Anna and I'm part of the Otherwise board. I'm currently doing a PhD in rural sociology by day, and hope to ruffle some more feathers by night through my involvement with Otherwise!

My research is about the role of food forests in the transition towards sustainable food systems in the Netherlands. As the world is becoming increasingly bleak around us, I find it incredibly important to keep imagining other realities and finding them around me, often hidden in the margins of society. By focusing on what is possible, instead of on what is currently going wrong, I manage to keep my mental state at an acceptable level.
I look forward to discussing the status quo, its downfalls and the windows of opportunity these often beget, with both like-minded and other-minded folks. Hope to see you at the next Otherwise activity!