Hi there! I am Mesh (they/he), one of the new coordinators of OtherWise in 2021! I am truly honored and excited to be offered this opportunity to run the show that is critical educational space that OtherWise embodies. I come from Sikkim in the Northeast of India where queer individuals like me can only dream of affiliating oneself with such an inclusive space which is why this opportunity means everything to me. I am so grateful to have connected with diverse people in the Netherlands since two years ago throughout my education in WUR and now I feel like this is another great milestone for me to forge more deeper relationships of care, love and abundance! I am certain OtherWise is going to be a fulfilling space for all and I, along with my colleague Cristina, are now here to make sure that is true for ALL.  

Hello! My name is Cristina (she/her) and I am excited to join the OtherWise team as coordinator in 2021. This position follows a topsy turvy two years spent pursuing the master of Organic Agriculture. During my studies at the WUR, I have met some of the most energetic and inspiring people of my life: warriors safeguarding the soils, gender non-conforming legends, and poetic bakers of the softest nature. These encounters and constant exploration of my surroundings have led me to this shapeshifting, unfurling platform designed to connect with daring and curious beings. I welcome the whirlwind of the coming year and hope to get swept up in it with you!


hey! My name is Anastasia, I am 24 years old and study Environmental Sciences BSc in my second year at the WUR. I joined Otherwise half a year ago as a flex-member after I stumbled across them in a lecture series at the university which they held. I was delighted to find people that like me, are not only interested in the natural sciences of things but also in the social and societal aspects that go hand in hand with them. I am highly interested in philosophical approaches that question modern and scientific standards and rules, and have found a wonderful circle of people to share new ideas with while enjoying some nice ethical food and drink. Being able to talk about things that would be considered unconventional in many professional environments like the usual scheduled university setting.