Hi there! I am Mesh (they/them), one of the new coordinators of OtherWise in 2021! I am truly honored and excited to be offered this opportunity to run the show that is critical educational space that OtherWise embodies. I come from Sikkim in the Northeast of India where queer individuals like me can only dream of affiliating oneself with such an inclusive space which is why this opportunity means everything to me. I am so grateful to have connected with diverse people in the Netherlands since two years ago throughout my education in WUR and now I feel like this is another great milestone for me to forge more deeper relationships of care, love and abundance! I am certain OtherWise is going to be a fulfilling space for all and I, along with my colleague Cristina, are now here to make sure that is true for ALL.  

Hello! My name is Cristina (she/they) and I am excited to join the OtherWise team as coordinator in 2021. This position follows a topsy turvy two years spent pursuing the master of Organic Agriculture. During my studies at the WUR, I have met some of the most energetic and inspiring people of my life: warriors safeguarding the soils, gender non-conforming legends, and poetic bakers of the softest nature. These encounters and constant exploration of my surroundings have led me to this shapeshifting, unfurling platform designed to connect with daring and curious beings. I welcome the whirlwind of the coming year and hope to get swept up in it with you!

The Board

Hey! My name is Anastasia, I am 24 years old and study Environmental Sciences BSc in my second year at the WUR. I joined Otherwise half a year ago as a flex-member after I stumbled across them in a lecture series at the university which they held. I was delighted to find people that like me, are not only interested in the natural sciences of things but also in the social and societal aspects that go hand in hand with them. I am highly interested in philosophical approaches that question modern and scientific standards and rules, and have found a wonderful circle of people to share new ideas with while enjoying some nice ethical food and drink. Being able to talk about things that would be considered unconventional in many professional environments like the usual scheduled university setting.

Hello! I'm Brigitte and excited to be involved with Otherwise this year. I am a masters student of Climate Studies, focusing on agroecological systems. I'm fascinated by agriculture in relation to climate change and want to explore how this system can be made more just, ecologically and socially. In relation to this, I am interested in the role of agri-businesses and fossil fuel companies in the crises we face, and want to uncover their influences in research and education at the WUR. I am joining Otherwise because I think it is important to provide a space where we can debate these issues in relation to our university.

Hey! I am Sophie (she/her). When I was questioning the contribution of education to social and environmental justice, I stumbled upon OtherWise. Then I became the chair of the board. And now I am happy to be involved with this group of courageous people with critical minds and warm hearts. I would love to explore all year topics of OtherWise (check them out!). But for my thesis, I try to focus on the topic of knowledge, research and education. Luckily, my fellow OtherWisers are taking good care of the other topics and an exciting year program is coming together. I am curious to get on the journey with OtherWise and look forward to meeting you on the way!

Hi, I'm Maup! I’m one of the board members at Otherwise. The ever-questioning approach of the organisation and the inspiring group of people involved with the events have motivated me to get more involved this academic year. I’m currently writing my thesis on perceptions of wellbeing for my MSc International Development. Outside that, I enjoy playing basketball, being in nature and exploring new music for my vinyl (or Spotify) collection.

Hello there :) I'm Ania (she/her), and I'm so glad to be a recent addition to the OtherWise team. I'm currently studying my bachelors in environmental sciences, and I discovered Otherwise during my AID program. From that first moment, I felt deeply inspired and connected with OtherWise's mission, and knew I had to get involved somehow. I'm very passionate about all things sustainability related, but I'm especially curious about the relationship that humans share with our natural environment. And it is platforms such as OtherWise where I can explore, and question, our deep-rooted viewpoints on such topics with others. I hope you feel encouraged by OtherWise, the same way I do, and maybe I'll see you around!

Hello! I am Tejal. I am interested in understanding the adverse impacts of climate change on communities and how people adapt to them. I am currently writing about this topic for my Master's Thesis in Climate Studies. I also feel passionate about social justice issues and the role of social movements in bringing change.

I believe that we ought to move away from 'business-as-usual' and oppressive systems to more transformative and plural systems to solve the global change issues that we face today.

Otherwise gives a space to express these beliefs and values ​​in the form of different events and activities. Sharing these values ​​with other like-minded people, learning from, and contributing to different thematic areas of Otherwise give me a lot of fulfillment. Apart from being a board member, this year I will also be co-organizing a capita selecta course in 'Resistance, Power, and Movements.


Hey there! I'm Pike (they/them) and I have the honor to be the one and only intern of OtherWise this year. Coming from a weirdly mixed background in business, philosophy, and environmental policy, I will be coordinating the Capitalist Realism course, which questions capitalism as the only viable ideology and encourages the imagination of alternatives. Hopefully, this can inspire a lot of people to dream of a better world and to take direct action to abolish the current oppressive system. I look forward to seeing you at one of the OtherWise events, or maybe even the Capitalist Realism course ;) 

Hello everyone!

My name is Susan (she/her) I am a 23 year old Master Student in Communication Health and Life sciences at the WUR. For my Internship with Otherwise I will explore the concept of inner-sustainability and specifically people's personal connection to nature. I love spending time outside myself and am very curious to see what other people's attitudes are towards nature as well as their definition and engagement with it. I hope to explore this concept into more depth and get in contact with a wide variety of people to shed light on their views. I am excited about this journey and hope to meet you soon (:

Hey y’all! I am Rick and I am currently doing my internship at Otherwise for the final phase of my Master’s in Environment and Society Studies at Radboud University. During my internship, I will be examining how the Sustainable Development Goals, and related Dutch policies, can benefit from a more inclusive and environmentally just sustainability discourse through degrowth and environmental justice perspectives. I believe Otherwise gives me the opportunity to critically examine the topics I am working on as well as the many other things tackled through Otherwise events. I am looking forward to learning and examining new topics in the upcoming months and I hope to meet you somewhere along the way! 

Hellooo, my name is Tatjana. I am currently an Intern at OtherWise. Encouraged by my ever critical mindset towards neoliberalism and its oppressive nature, I am writing my thesis in collaboration with OtherWise about the 'power of the people and their force for a just socio-ecological transformation'.

By joining OtherWise I found the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and the willingness to co-create spaces of reflection and collective change. From Day 1, I was given full agency to create insightful experience by following my personal inspiration, collective brainstorming sessions and valuable insights form all board members.

I am very looking forward to being a participating facilitator at this year's iWeek and experience a deeper connection with myself and the more-than-human world around us. To me, OtherWise is a flourishing organization that is essential in order to provoke critical thinking in and outside of academia.