Hey hey, I’m Luuk, one of the two splendid coordinators at Otherwise. I started just now, just before the start of the academic year of 2022-2023. I have previously done an internship at Otherwise, in the depths of the corona-winter, and had a blast, setting up my pet-project of the Capitalist Realism capita selecta. My passions are plenty, but revolve around the (forceful?) demise of a capitalist economic, political and cultural system. Given that this endeavour is ambitious to say the least I dedicate lots of my energy on the fostering of a lively revolutionary spirit through music, love, food, spirituality, dark humour, and whatnot.

I am a philosopher and anthropologist by trade, which is to say that I have no trade and am condemned to a pseudo-voluntary kind of poverty. Anyway, now I’m at Otherwise, the perfect place for me to help radicalize the youth, I’m looking forward to meeting whomever will gravitate to our events; to be kindled and rekindled.

Hi, Tina here! As the 2022/23 academic year rolls in I have the privilege of beginning my second year as coordinator at OtherWise. Recently, my brain, heart, and other composite organs are drawn to the creation of an 'otherhood' in which we can learn to make kin beyond the human. As a recent graduate of the MSc program in Organic Agriculture, I am disproportionately enthusiastic about worms, microbes, and other beings slithering about in the dirt. With the help of Luuk, I would like to gently explode the bounds of our imagination and dare to dream and think tentacularly. 


On the premise of liberation, imagination, and care, we slowly tread into murky waters together with the critical minds at Wageningen University. If you yearn to share and discuss radically, to literally chew on the root of realities, then jump right in. 


The Board

Hello there :) I'm Ania (she/her), and I'm so glad to be a recent addition to the OtherWise team. I'm currently studying my bachelors in environmental sciences, and I discovered Otherwise during my AID program. From that first moment, I felt deeply inspired and connected with OtherWise's mission, and knew I had to get involved somehow. I'm very passionate about all things sustainability related, but I'm especially curious about the relationship that humans share with our natural environment. And it is platforms such as OtherWise where I can explore, and question, our deep-rooted viewpoints on such topics with others. I hope you feel encouraged by OtherWise, the same way I do, and maybe I'll see you around!