Inner Sustainability


Sustainability is oftentimes discussed within the realm of technological solutions, policy measures or innovations. This could be called the ‘outside’ of sustainability. However there is also a growing awareness that at the base we are intricately connected to all life. This could be called the ‘inside’ of sustainability. When the awareness of this interconnectedness is not experienced, this can give feelings of isolation, disconnectedness and a loss of respect for other lives, including natural environment. As long as other people and other life forms are recognised as part of a whole that we all belong to, it becomes very difficult to do harm to another being. When this connectedness is experienced consciously, decisions are made differently than when we presume to be on our own. This embodied sense of sustainability and interconnectedness is what we call ‘Inner Sustainability’.

iWEEK Summer school

At the end of the academic year, right after the exams in period 6, we organise the iWEEK during which we focus on the theme of Inner Sustainability in an experiential and interactive way. Some of the themes and methods that pass the revue under the professional guidance of various trainers are:

- The Work that Reconnects
- Personal Leadership Exercises
- Shadow and Embodiment work
- Nonviolent Communication
- Theater of the Oppressed
- Community Building
- Dragon Dreaming
- Deep Nature Connection / the Art of Mentoring

Most of our time is spend outdoors in the nature around Wageningen, with our base camp located at Ecovillage Ppauw. During the week we work towards a transformative solo experience in a nearby nature area.

Past events on Inner Sustainability

#5 Inner Sustainability Series: Inner Sustainability Talk

How do we relate to the non-human world? Do animals have a soul? Do plants have intelligence? What role do animals play in our society and how do we interact with them?

In this inner sustainability talk, we will dive into the topic of relating to the non-human world. Usually, we have quite an anthropocentric view of our society, considering only our way of being and knowing as truth. But how do animals communicate and live in this world? In this talk we will explore this.

Clemens Driessen, assistant professor at the department of Environmental Sciences, will talk with us about human-animal relations. He argues that nature is deeply cultural. What does that mean? Together we will dive into this and other questions such as "What does it entail when we take nonhuman organisms seriously as political beings that somehow communicate with us?" Or: "Do you think that there is a new ethics emerging, that considers animals as more equal to humans? And also things and plants?". Also participants will be invited to interact and ask questions. Tune in to dive into this topic together!

Deep Time Walk April 22nd 2021

On Earth Day, April 22nd, we celebrated our connection and the history we share with a guided walk in the woods. For the occasion, Lian Kasper and Evelien Konings created an audio guide for the Deep Time Walk.

The guide is now openly available to anyone who wishes to nurture their roots in the history of Earth. You can go alone but it can be really valuable to share the journey with someone. All you need is to stream the guide through your headphones. Feel free to do this seated if that is more comfortable for you. 🏵

Inner Sustainability and Health Interview 13th April 2021

On April 13th we are diving into another topic relating to inner sustainability; health.

Could it be possible that if we don't feel a deep connection to our own minds and bodies, we are less prone to understand our health? We will talk to doctor and natural therapist Hilde de Smet who studied complementary therapies and uses several of them in her practice, such as herbal medicines and traditional therapies.

The evening will shed a light on health that goes beyond your usual medicine and health practices. Come, join, learn and ask all your questions!