Epistemology, Science, and Spirituality

Our second theme is one of epistemology; the question of coming to truth or knowledge. In this theme we question the relationship between power and knowledge, of which methods constitute truth, and who can make truthclaims.

Here we put science and spirituality in juxtaposition. Science attempts a claim at universal objective truths, often restricting itself to a purely empirical; materialist worldview, whereas spirituality focuses on a more subjective, and often focuses on the transcendental.

We do not stick to this dichotomy in our events because far more plays into these questions, and creating such an arbitrary dichotomy doesn't help discussing this topic, but we do think science and spirituality are currently the most popular approaches to reality in our society, and that this title speaks to the imagination.

Essential to the quesiton of knowledge is indeed it's relation to power, how reality is shaped by those in power, what is perceived as 'natural' truths, what is perceived as 'good reason', and how being known and being governed are closely related.

Here questions of ideology and colonization play a central role.