The theme of post-capitalist futures takes a critical look at our current capitalocentric society and aims toward possible future alternatives. Using degrowth as a framework, we take inspiration from feminist, decolonial, and post-development studies. The current capitalocentric system is reliant on exponential growth and consumption on a planet with finite resources. This results in both social and ecological degradation through exploitative and extractivist practices. To identify capitalism's cracks and break free from its hold, we must dissect the overpowering beliefs of capitalism and better understand its colonial, patriarchal, and anthropocentric roots. Degrowth goes beyond a critique of the current capitalist system by also imagining a utopian post-capitalist future. From recreating the commons to rethinking happiness, we can reassess our values ​​and create a more connected society. Degrowth is about moving beyond private abundance and public sustenance to a world with private sustenance and public abundance. We can imagine a future with reduced working hours, stronger emphasis on community, and living within ecological boundaries.