In searching for a pluriverse, or a world in which many worlds fit, we must resist and question universalities: normalizing narratives that operate based on exclusion. Resistance comes in many forms, both underground and public & loud. We work to cultivate resistance rooted in the regenerative desire for an inclusive, connected, and caring world. Universities have historically harbored resistance in their student populations as sites to unlearn and shift paradigms. As an organization, we are here to sustain criticism towards systems of oppression present within the university. In doing so, we support students in their curiosity and intentions to form movements for greater environmental and social justice.

The second part of this theme can also be taken further in line with our intention to explore body movement practices as an alignment of head, heart, and hands in academia. Last year, we invited dancer and performing artist, Fazle Shairmohamed, to host a workshop on decolonizing rituals. This year, we would like to invite more practitioners in this realm to provide space for students to break with the body/mind dualism created by traditional university settings. One powerful dimension of understanding different ways of being and living in the world is through guided movement.