OtherWise is open to receiving interns from the Wageningen University or other universities. We rarely offer ready-made internships to students, but if you have an idea about an internship that fits the philosophy of OtherWise, contact us so we can talk about it. There is a lot of room at OtherWise to take on your own internship project.

OtherWise aims to increase access of academic knowledge to grassroots organisations, whilst providing exciting research opportunities for Wageningen students. We mediate a range of thesis assignments, research projects and internships. In most cases, OtherWise acts as the broker between the grassroots organization proposing a research initiative and the student participant.

Take a look at the organizations we are in contact with! You can reach out to us or to the organisations.

Do you want to gain experience working for a small NGO in Wageningen, an international student city that is very close to nature? Are you passionate about social and environmental justice? It is possible to do you Erasmus+ internship at OtherWise, contact us to discuss opportunities.