Astrid Mulder

In the drawing arts, Astrid Mulder is specialised in creating detailed illustrations filled with natural patterns. Looking at it, you can get lost in her work or find yourself in the mythical creatures that are part of the stories. Themes in her work are dreamworlds full of animals and anthropomorphic beings that live in treehouses, wagons or small houses in abandoned cities. Nature has taken back her place in this anthropogenic world. 

Astrid appreciates the romance of the decay of self-reliance in the world of squatters. For this reason, she tries to capture the image of the autonomous and sanctuaries in her work. The goal is to document her experiences and tell the story of this DIY-world. She is a troubadour of cultural havens and ecovillages. Currently, she lives in Ecovillage Ppauw and rents an atelier in Renkum. 


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Translated excerpts from Wageningse Markers.

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