Review: Inner Sustainability & Health

Published on 7 May 2021 at 16:17

Tuesday 13th of April, this event took place as part of our series on Inner Sustainability. On this evening focused on one particular aspect: our own health. Sometimes it seems we have lost an essential connection with our own wellbeing, and through the see of ways to become “healthier”, don’t know how to cure simple ailments or have the knowledge to prevent illnesses. 

On April 13th, we explored the basis of our health during a talk with Doctor Hilde de Smet. Despite Hildes training in conventional western medicine, she keeps a critical perspective on the way we deal with our health. Therefore, she studied many alternative therapies, and traditional, nature-based ways of healing, to broaden her horizon. 

With a small group of interested people, we philosophized about the subject, wondering how we could go back to the basis of health. Because can we even live healthy and sustainably, without a good relationship with ourselves and the natural world? 

In this event, we interviewed Hilde about her experience as a so to speak “critical, nature-based doctor”. What did she learn from studying so many different, non-western ways of healing, in addition to her conventional western schooling? 

Health and the use of alternative therapies is a complex subject, but during this evening, we tried to boil it down to a few critical questions. Why would people be sceptic towards nature-based medicine? On the other hand, why do some people don’t have any more faith in western medicine? And might there be a connection between a decreased relationship with nature, and a decreased relationship with our own health? Hilde had a lot to share on the matter, and expressed she was happy to be able to speak freely. 

We also wanted to know about the things we could do ourselves and to raise more awareness amongst people. A little spoiler: “dare to speak out”, share the knowledge you have and keep learning. 

Click here to see the recording of the event.



- Review by Willemien