Review: Gender talking circle

Published on 31 March 2021 at 16:17

Together with XR Wageningen, SHOUT, ARA Wageningen and Thuis we organized a talking circle about gender on March the 16th 2021.

The meeting started with an introduction of the Gender Unicorn, a tool designed to help explain the different spectrums and terminologies of gender identity, expression and attraction. Afterwards we were divided in breakout rooms. I immediately had a sense of community and was surprised by how fast people opened up to each other about their experiences and feelings. We shared our journeys with gender and identity and discussed navigating a world in which society's expectations to match up with our inner world. It was heartwarming to see how people encouraged each other and made sure that everyone felt seen. In my breakout room we also discussed the issue of language and gender which I found very interesting as many people had questions about how they can express themselves more inclusively. We decided to collect resources and tips in a shared document where everyone can add their findings and where we can learn from each other. I felt very safe and I am looking forward to see everyone again!

- review by Mila