Review: Women's march

Published on 27 March 2020 at 16:17

Women’s rights are human rights! On the 8th of March, we marched the streets for women’s rights in Amsterdam. All people f/m/x gathered at the dam square, before marching to the museum square where many inspiring speakers spoke. To be on the streets, together and marching for equal rights and opportunities for all people (f/m/x) felt empowering.

We connected around the same ideology: we are all equal in our being, no matter as what gender you are socialized. We brought our self-made banners, that were made during our banner-making activity at the Leeuwenborch on the 6th of March. Many others brought banners with them as well, ranging from slogans about equal pay,  safety of women and global solidarity for women. On the stage at the museum square one speaker raised the issue of feminicides in Latin America, where women are being assaulted and murdered simply for being women. Here there is still a great battle to be fought, and during the speech we showed solidarity to all women around the globe who are being confronted with violence. Also in the Netherlands, awareness on gender inequality and gender-based violence is still
necessary. On the 8th of March, international women’s day, OtherWise was part of the march to speak up about gender injustice in its many forms.