Review: Invisible Hand Screening

Published on 7 April 2021 at 16:17

International Screening of the documentary about Rights of Nature: Invisible Hand

On March 13th, OtherWise member Anastasia Körner took part in the international Invisible Hand documentary screening and Panel discussion about Rights of Nature and youth activism. The Invisible Hand is a documentary that follows the struggles of a Pennsilvanian community to protect its environment by using the Rights of Nature. This legal concept focuses on the idea that natural subjects and ecosystems have innate rights, much like Human Rights. The rights to be free of harm and pollution, the right of a river to run freely or the right of an ecological habitat to thrive and evolve are some of the rights. The Rights of Nature movement tries to establish such rights into regional and national governments worldwide and is truly revolutionary regarding the western anthropocentric way of life.

How do we relate to nature, how to we want to live with nature and what value does nature have at all? Does nature have value apart from the resources, shelter and aesthetic that it provides to humans? These were some of the questions that were being discussed by the Panel during the event. Together with executive producers Mark Ruffalo, the Filmmakers Melissa Troutman and Joshua Pribanic, a number of youth activists from around the world, including OtherWiser Anastasia, were invited to discuss on the importance of youth and young professionals in this advancing new movement. The event was an international success with thousands of viewers that followed the event live and asked questions in the Q&A after the panel discussion.

The recording of the Q&A can be found here:

Click here for the conference on the Rights of Nature.